Composite Bonding

Blurring the lines between Science and Art

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Composite Bonding

Imagine having each tooth sculpted individually to the perfect shape, improving your smile’s symmetry, contouring and colour.

Dental composite bonding is a cosmetic treatment which can achieve great results, without the need for significant drilling or destruction to your existing teeth. It is an excellent alternative to veneers.

Fantastically Versatile

Using a tooth-coloured resin called composite, we can gently re-shape your smile tooth-by-tooth in one visit.

It’s a fantastically versatile treatment for chips and cracks, and it even improves your smile’s symmetry, contouring and colour. In selected cases, the composite resin can close gaps between the teeth.

The overall effect is up to you. Bonding can achieve anything from brilliant Hollywood-style smiles, to a more natural look that accentuates your natural quirks. Designing your smile is a collaborative process and we will discuss the finer details beforehand to ensure you are happy with the final result.

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Composite Bonding FAQs

For the majority of cases, composite is applied with no drilling to the natural tooth. If adjustment to the tooth is required, it will be discussed in your consultation appointment.

The majority of cases are pain-free without the need for local anaesthetic!

We would always recommend straightening before the bonding. Otherwise, bonding can make your teeth look thick and bulky, which will look unsightly and unnatural. That being said, in some cases, composite bonding may be strategically placed to disguise or minimise the appearance of gaps or crooked teeth.

Composite bonding is a single session treatment which is used to correct small imperfections, chips, cracks and minor spacing between the teeth. No drilling is involved.

Veneers are ultra-fine and perfectly polished porcelain, designed to cover your teeth. Some adjustment to the natural tooth is made. They are normally recommended for larger imperfections of the teeth and, as they are lab made, are more costly than composite bonding.

Composite bonding is done in a single appointment. However, we will always book a consultation appointment first to go over the finer details, and a review appointment at the end of treatment to ensure you are completely happy.

Typically we see good results for up to 5 years, depending on care and maintenance. We advise regular polishing as bonding can pick up stains from coffee and red wine.

It is a great treatment for a variety of cases – from chips and cracks, stains and discolouration, general wear and much more. It can improve the smile’s symmetry and colour. In some cases, it can even close gaps between teeth.

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