Nothing Beats That Fresh-From-The-Dentist Feeling

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Dental Hygiene

Nothing beats that minty fresh, super-clean-from-the-dentist feeling!

Hygienists are professional clinicians and are an integral part of our team. They work closely with our dentists to ensure your gums are healthy and disease free.

Your Hygiene Visit

Our appointments usually last 30 minutes. They include:

  1. Analysis of your current oral hygiene routine and any difficulties you are having in cleaning particular areas
  2. Thorough assessment of your gum health
  3. Comprehensive clean of your gums and teeth, removing harmful deposits and paying careful attention to areas that you cannot access easily
  4. Polish of your teeth to remove superficial stains, giving your smile it’s brightness back
  5. Discussion and demonstration on how to maintain your hygiene at home

Hygienist FAQs

The frequency of hygienist appointments varies on whether it is a routine maintenance appointment, stain removal or treatment of gum disease. Your hygienist will be able to discuss your risk level and establish how often you should attend. Most patients attend every 6 months, but you can choose to attend as frequently as you like.

Routine hygiene appointments include assessment of oral hygiene and gum health, oral hygiene instruction, scaling and polishing. They are able to remove light staining and provide that ‘dentist clean feeling’.

Air polishing is a procedure which uses air and fine powder in powerful, controlled bursts to clean and brighten teeth. In doing so, it polishes the surface of teeth, helping to reduce discoloration, eliminate plaque and remove other soft deposits. This is particularly beneficial if your teeth are susceptible to plaque build-ups or staining from smoking.

It is a pleasant experience that feels more like a spa visit! Our team are happy to discuss any concerns you have.

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