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Orthodontic Treatment


Dr Gareth Williams is our multi-award winning orthodontist who has years of rigorous training and experience and has been recognised for his expertise in the field. He has helped over 5000 patients, young and old, to make new friends with their inner confidence. You can explore some of his amazing transformations on Instagram @brace.book. Following a free consultation, he will provide you with bespoke alignment solutions and a personalised treatment plan.

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Orthodontics FAQs

Fixed braces are constantly moving teeth into the correct position. These braces can correct all misalignments. They do not need to be removed for eating, drinking, or brushing. There is no risk of losing them like removable trays. Traditional braces are better for those who may not be able to keep up with the high maintenance and care aligners need.

Severe malocclusions are often corrected with fixed braces. When you have severe underbites, overbites, large gaps, rotated teeth, protrusive teeth, intrusion, or crooked teeth due to overcrowding, fixed braces offer better results.

The length of orthodontic treatment can depend on the complexity of movements. The orthodontist will be able to carry out a detailed assessment and explain your options including how long the treatment will take

Pennypot offers a range of different orthodontic solutions: fixed metal, fixed clear ceramic, lingual braces and Invisalign. Some are more discreet than others. Following a free consultation, Dr Gareth Williams will provide you with bespoke alignment solutions with personalised treatment plans.

Slight discomfort can occur after any adjustment appointments, but this soon fades and you will be comfortable afterwards.

At Pennypot we offer 0% finance on all treatments over £500. This means you can pay monthly for 6,10,18 or 24 months.

Retainers are essential to maintain your perfectly straight teeth. We offer both removable and fixed retainers.

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