Tooth Whitening

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Tooth Whitening

Even the most meticulous of care won’t stop tea, coffee and red wine from catching up with our smiles eventually.

When teeth lose their original pearly-white shade, our leading tooth whitening treatments can help you reignite the spark. We offer effective, gentle whitening at home or in the clinic. Either way, you will get fantastic results in as little as three weeks.

Types of Whitening

  • Home whitening
    The custom-fitted whitening trays are designed just for you and are used in conjunction with the Boutique specially formulated gels. If you would prefer to wear the trays while pottering around the house, choose the day whitening kit. To whiten while you sleep, pick the night kit.
  • In-clinic whitening
    Philips Zoom! gives you speed and convenience. It uses a high-technology light activated whitening system, guaranteeing three shades lighter in a single 90-minute session. The package also includes professionally made whitening trays and gels to further enhance your results at home.

Both of our whitening systems are the perfect finishing touch to our treatments, but can also be used on their own to keep your smile looking its day-to-day brilliant best.

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Tooth Whitening FAQs

Tooth whitening works by applying specially formulated gel to the teeth to gradually whiten them. It is completely safe, gentle and effective.

The home whitening process enables you to whiten from the comfort of your home, and results can be achieved within 2-3 weeks.

Philips Zoom! Whitening provides a quicker result and helps to kickstart the process. It involves a 90-minute whitening appointment in practice. You can then continue to top your whitening at home with the trays and gels included to achieve optimum results.

The home whitening process can take 2-3 weeks but varies from person to person and depends on the result you wish to achieve.

Our Philips Zoom! Whitening provides a quicker result by kickstarting the whitening process. You can then top up at home with the trays and gels included in the package to achieve optimum results.

No. The specially formulated gels are completely safe and do not damage your teeth or gums at all.

No, it is very gentle! You may experience some sensitivity during the whitening process which subsides once the treatment is completed. A sensitivity toothpaste is usually recommended while whitening your teeth.

This varies from person to person and depends on how well the teeth are maintained. Usually we advise top-ups annually to keep your smile whiter for longer. You can purchase top-up gels within practice at a reduced cost.

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